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One of AnythingNet’s primary services is web development. We are a web development agency which has scoped, coded and developed over 400+ websites and applications over the past years.

Our web development agency strength is the coding of the front end and predominately the server-side or commonly known as the back-end of the website.

The server side coding consists of a PHP, MySQL database and other languages and server formats to run an open-source stack. We utilise a LAMP stack for our server end.

Our core web development agency is the engine room of websites, which makes things run smoothly. You can easily understand when you will be in utilising development if you:

– Require forms to be filled

– Need to login to a portal (to see form data)

– Require data to be left on your server




  • Web Development Process


    The web development process you will experience is as follows:

    ✔ Brainstorm – free of charge stage (enquiry)

    ✔ Wireframe stage – Answers most questions about how will the application and server will behave

    ✔ Project scope – Time, cost and details about your web / mobile application project

    ✔ Design stage – initial app & user interface designs including class and table relationship designs

    ✔ Build stage – We start loading and building your web app development files

    ✔ Testing – Along the way you will be able to test and provide feedback to us

    ✔ Launch – Once all the code and application looks and functions correctly then its time to let us know its time to launch

    ✔ Analytics – It’s important to know what your users are doing on your website

    ✔ Ongoing support – Anything Net supports your website app development build by updating your code, improving the application and much more

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  • Web Development Agency Team

    There are many facets to a website and the list can go on and on. For sakes of simplicity we will keep it to a medium sized team:

    ✔ Graphic Designer – who can design the layout of the main and inner pages (optional)

    ✔ Web Designer – Front end coder who can code HTML, CSS and JavaScript web pages (mandatory)

    ✔ Web Developer – If your website is a complex website then backend coding otherwise known as server-side scripting is crucial (mandatory depending on your brief)

    ✔ Copy writer – Someone who can provide content (images & text) for your website is important. (mandatory)

    ✔ Content Management – Someone who can update the content provided by the copywriter and upload to the website and make sure all links, and presentation of the content is fast and mobile responsive. (optional)

    ✔ Marketing Specialist – Someone who can co-ordinate marketing campaigns and link them to the website (optional)

    ✔ Project Manager – A person who is orchestrating all the above (mandatory)


    AnythingNet provides most of the services above, you will need a detailed plan of attack in which we can create for you.

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  • Web Development Agency, Melbourne, Australia

    One advantage of AnythingNet’s services is that we have local web developers in Australia. We don’t offshore any work as we feel there are many internal factors which don’t allow fluid control and quality services for our local clients.

    Another big reason we don’t offshore this important part of your website is it’s your intellectual property which can be misused.

    Some of the reasons we keep the work in Australia:

    ✔ Understanding of the market by watching and understanding local competitor advertisements (TV, radio, website, print), understanding policies and market factors to understand the ‘why’ clients do things.

    ✔ Speed to deliver. In many instances, we can develop in front of you (if you come to our Melbourne office, a GREAT coffee is mandatory!)

    ✔ Communication in basic English language and non-techie, email only communication. We know how confusing the web can be to understand so we try to keep good communication lines open at all times.

    ✔ Accountability – We are bound by Australian Law to deliver your project (provided you have paid your fees) we hold all our staff accountable to deliver a quality product with all deliverables to you

    Just some of the reasons we prefer web development Australia over offshore development as commonly done so if you are shopping around for ‘Web development’ make sure you understand the implications of offshoring.


  • Checklist to Get Started

    ✔ Have a rough idea of what you want your web developers to develop for you. Be very with your instructions via wireframes, diagrams and documents. being very clear is crucial as visual creativity isn’t a strong point of many coders who are predominately left brained and as much as they will try to advise on design (sorry guys) they are creatively challenged. We do suggest talking to one of our designers before you reach this stage.

    ✔ Call 1300 944 339 or click the ‘Get Started’ button so we can schedule a chat

    ✔ Take note of what is advised

    ✔ Organise the ‘paperwork’ and we get started

    The steps are quite simple, but what makes the process quite convoluted are the amount of steps involved. A small project can have as many as 200 steps AnythingNet have to take to monitor and make sure your project is a quality one.

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