MVP Conceptual App Development

Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) conceptual application means getting your idea in front of your target audience as fast as possible. The acronym MVP which stands for Minimum Viabel Product has been popularised by Eric Ries and his book entitled ‘The Lean Start Up’.



The procedure AnythingNet uses to develop a MVP conceptual App is the following stages:



The design stage is important so we know what we are building. Wireframes, screen layouts, button/tap feature details are important here.



We create your concept app in a controlled environment which is thoroughly tested, documented and retested. Once this stage has been through 3 rounds of testing we proceed to the next step.



Launching the initial version is priority. Once deployment has officially taken place future iterations / versions can take place

The principles of a concept or BETA app is almost a mandatory ask as without one you are selling hot air. See diagram below.

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