1. Client brief

We receive your projects brief via our web-form or via your own brief.

2. Creative understanding

We interpret what your brief says and we start the creative process. This can take from 1 to 3 days.

3. Re-briefing

Your designer will give you call and communicate your brief to make sure we are all on the right page. If we can’t get in touch with you we will get started and send you the initial concepts but feel free to call soon after sending over your brief so we make sure we understand your project.

4. Initial concepts

We will send you at least 3 concepts/creatives to your email

5. Client feedback

Great the new visuals have arrived. You can now do one of three:

A. Approve the designs, reply with “approved” & the file/link of the specific design you like.

B. Modify & send us some feedback on a word document with specific instructions.

Don’t: Outline “I don’t like any of them” or highlight what you don’t like without

Do: Provide positive change with “we’re on the right track” feedback with changes constructive feedback.


C. Reject all and suggest some from scratch – You would need to send us some design work of what you have in mind

6. Refined concepts

After your initial feedback we will send you one or two refined concepts based on your feedback.

7. Final round:

This is it, the final round. You can soon start production using your creative work.

*You can have as many design rounds as you wish. Each design round varies in duration and would need to be quoted and cleared before future creative development can continue.

8. Files sent

Once you’re happy we will send you the final files for your records

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