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AnythingNet are app developers based in Melbourne, Australia. We are experienced with android app development for over 5 years so if you are looking for developers who can help you have come to the right place.

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Why Android App Development?

Many people have a carefully architected plan of why they have chosen to head down the Android app development pathway, others don't.

There are many reasons why you may have chosen to build on Google's Android platform. What you will experience with AnythingNet's Android App Development process is the following. Process below

✔ Brainstorm – free of charge stage (enquiry)
✔ Wireframe stage – Answers most questions about how will the application behave
✔ Project scope – Time, cost and details about your application project
✔ Design stage – initial app & user interface designs
✔ Build stage – We start loading and building your Android app development files
✔ Testing – Along the way you will be able to test and provide feedback to us
✔ Launch – Once all the code and application looks and functions correctly then its time to let us know its time to launch
✔ Analytics – It’s important to know what your users are doing on your app
✔ Ongoing support – Anythingnet supports your iOS app development build by updating your code, improving the application and much more

For more information on Android App Development call 1300 944 339 or simply enquire below so we can arrange a time to chat about your app idea.

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AnythingNet is an app development company based in Melbourne, Australia. We service all clients throughout Australia and internationally.