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Case Study

Taximan is a straightforward booking app for passengers looking to hire a cab which can used on IOS, Apple or Android devices.

It uses innovative features including in-app purchasing, online secure transactions and increased security for its passengers.

Not any cab driver can be hosted on the app. Each potential client must go through a stringent check and pass the legislative processes which are built into it first.

At AnythingNet we have adhered to the laws of the taxi industry and made sure this is apparent in the app which is publically available to download.

There are leading competitors which are free, however potential security flaws may exist which could put the passenger at risk.

Working with a client who has 20 years experience provided AnythingNet with a thorough understanding of how the taxi industry works and provided a key logistical component throughout the design stages of development. Time was also spent on the company's website, branding and providing online marketing.

The cutting edge app uses GPS tracking, and understands the pairing of the customer and cab driver. All Apple and Android devices have an IP address which pings constantly to a server. We understand where the device is and can work out an estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on its location.

This technology can easily be used in other industries which involve an incoming vehicle. For example for couriers and patients waiting for emergency services to arrive. The dashboard interface provides a live feed and refreshes every three to five seconds. Based on the needs of the client this can be updated every second.

From an admin point of view if there is a taxi which is taking a little longer to arrive this app will allow the customer to find out if why there is a hold up.

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