Osteopathy CBD

Case Study

Osteopathy CBD started as an initial contractor for different companies offering various services for their workers.

AnythingNet started the process by developing a new company logo which reflected our client's biggest demands, which happened to focus on neck, shoulder and back pain.

A new website was constructed and company branding was co-ordinated, but the most important part we played was organising an online booking section on the website.

This proved a huge success for the business and a big advantage for the sole practitioner who could monitor and collate the details of potential new clients, driving more revenue into the business.

We also used sophisticated processes by optimising different web pages in a bid to attract more traffic through key words and phrases.

On Google Paperclip our client would have been paying $5 a click. Our traffic, however, was free, therefore saving the company valuable resources.

The newly developed online booking system was simple to use and saved the client money in reception fees and costs.

It was a really simple process which AnythingNet implemented perfectly. We created a target, identified the audience and ultimately cut down on revenue. Another success story.

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