Web Design & Development Frequently Asked Questions


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How long will my website take to be built?

Your website goes through various stages which can found on our processes link on the footer. Here is a basic guideline on the speed which we operate, assuming you have content ready to do:

  • Brochure websites – 2 to 4 weeks
  • Ecommerce websites – 4 to 6 weeks
  • One page websites – 1 week

Of course the speed is directly proportioned to your concise feedback and rounds of changes. If we deal with 3rd parties you can expect a slow down as the communication barriers are increased through extra party involvement.



What do I need to give hand over to you?

Any website briefs, notes and other items which will help our project managers, designers and developers help would be useful.

It will be necessary to have logins to your domain name. If you cant remember the logins or domain details we will figure a solution for you.


Is my website built in Australia or off-shored?

We build all our websites from our Swanston Street office, pop in and say hello. We have experiemented with offshore partners, and it just didn’t suit our Australian clients for just some of the following reasons:

  1. Communication barriers (time-zones, cultural, definitions of the same word English language)
  2. Intellectual Property remains in Australia
  3. Quality control can be lost
  4. Quality & speed, we feel that nothing screams service like a good old fashioned meeting with your development team

As a tech company we have tried many different development options and the best one we have found are meetings with clients with our development team in Australia.

The biggest reason we do things in Australia is communication, simple.



I am interstate, how can we communicate effectively?

Over 60% of our clients are Australia wide while we are in Melbourne. With the remaining 40% Melbourne clients we find a smaller percentage actually meet us in person.

The tools of the trade are common tools you may be familair with:

  • Screen sharing software such as GoTo Meeting or Skype (free) are great to discuss creative designs and programming flaws
  • Phone is the first point of contact
  • Emails with detailed screenshots are important



How can I provide feedback?

As previous;y mentioned you are required to provide quality constructive feedback. We take your input very seriously and you should consider the feedback you provide us as paramount. You can send us feedback in the following methods:

  • Detailed emails with screenshots
  • Annotated screenshots (preferred)
  • Screen recording video feedback then by uploading & sharing via Google drive, dropbox, Youtube (keep private) or other repository
  • Phone
  • Meeting
  • Skype

Your feedback has a big impact on the quality of work we deliver, so please consider your feedback as inter-dependent for the next tasks.



What if I don’t like what I see?

As mentioned previously your feedback is taken seriously from our end. There could have been a miscommuincation mishap along the way. Don’t worry, we can fix anything so here is what we do:

  • Contact your project manager and email your concerns
  • We identify the error and send to the right department to find out what happened
  • If it’s our fault and under our 14 day warranty we will fix bugs at no cost to you
  • If its non-technical and is design/creative related we will recommence the creative cycle which you will need to pay before we start again



What resolutions & browsers will my site be compatible with?

We use the following configurations to test your applications:


  • 23 inch Windows machine: Google Chrome & Firefox
  • 27 inch iMac machine: Safari, Google Chrome & Firefox


  • iPhone 6: Safari and Google chrome
  • Google Nexus & Samsung S5: Google chrome


The software we test and develop is off the date you engaged us to build your website. So if in the interim new versions of browsers, handsets and machines are released we will not test on these new features as the date of engagement would have been prior to the latest release.



Why can’t I see Internet Explorer in the testing configurations?

We test on popular platforms and continually develop what the market demands. Unfortunately Internet explorer’s popularity has diminished to the point that we don’t have the demand for.



Can you test on new devices and browsers?

You can elect to have the latest tested and developed on new devices and browsers. For example Opera for smart TV’s is not tested but we can do so if you require.
We will have to charge a testing fee, which will be a small amount if you have a project with us.
You will need to let us know what devices, browser and other configurations you would like us to test your website application on.



I love my website, however why can’t I see it on Google?

 This is usually due to Google not indexing your site, although we have optimised your site for Google. Our internet marketing department will contact you to let you know of the next steps which you can select what internet marketing package suits your needs.