Creative & Design Development Frequently Asked Questions


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Get Started


I have received the first round of designs, what’s next?

You can now:
1. Accept a design and we can start building and finalising your web/mobile app or design files for production
2. Provide feedback and we can adjust based on your requirements (round 2 of 3)
3. Reject all designs and provide your own design references and designed layouts



How do I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback through the following methods:
1. If the feedback is basic and the designs are 80 to 90% accurate a simple email will be suffice
2. If the designs and feedback is approximately 50 to 90% changes required. Open a Microsoft word and include the following: screenshots with explanations, resource links (items you like and have seen online), attachments of design references such as graphic with clear instructions and we will call you back to re-brief your requests.
3. You can meet in person at our office for a 30 minute meeting or video conference, but you must send a document of feedback to maximise the feedback session.




I thought ‘web development’ included ‘web design’ too, can you explain the difference?

Web design is the User Interface (UI) design and to an extend the User Experience such as the button functionality and what features do. The skills required are graphic design, HTML, CSS and a little of JavaScript.

Web Development is the programming and the server scripting. So web development and web design are different we do work together and do need to be understood that these processes are separate. The skills required are PHP, JavaScript, SQL and LAMP server hosting understanding.


I don’t like any of the designs provided?

If you have surpassed the three rounds of design you can elect to have additional rounds at a minimum of $160 per round of changes. Alternatively you may elect to provide your own layered designs through either Illustrator and or Photoshop PSD files. If the designs reflect a change of scope, we will quote appropriately.

Please note: We will allow one round with designs provided by you as the agile project management process doesn’t allow deviation unless the full iteration is followed through. We will on occasions allow the design process to slow down your project’s progress only if we feel it is absolutely critical to your projects iteration success.